About company

Our company specializes in manufacturing of moulds and moulding parts from plastic. It has been formed in 1988 and is one of the first private companies in Belarus.

We produce moulds for moulding various kinds of plastic, zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloys. High quality of our products is provided due to high qualification of personnel, modern 3D technologies, exact and high-efficiency equipment and maintenance of control over all stages of project performance. Our specialists have wide experience of work with foreign partners; possess knowledge of international standards on designing and manufacturing of moulds. More than 50% of our moulds go to export to such countries as the USA, Germany, Israel, Holland & Russia.

In our work with customers we are guided the following principles:

Х Individual approach to requirements of each client;
- Maintenance of close connection with clients by means of e-mail, telephone and facsimile for detail discussion on the project etc;

Х Development of work-schedule on each project and maintenance of clients with full information on project conditions weekly;
- Granting to the client of all the necessary technical and technological information; concepts, design documentation, test reports, test injection conditions reports, measurement report etc;

Х Fast processing inquiries of clients;
- Competitive prices and terms;